Santa's Little Helper is the pet dog of the Simpsons family, which he is a greyhound.
Santa's Little Helper
Santa's Little Helper has visible pones from his skin (possibly meaning he doesn't eat enough). Santa's Little Helper and Snowball II are known to be friends and usaully are seen together or with Maggie also. Santa's Little Helper usaully is with either Snowball II, Maggie, or Bart. Santa's Little Helper is shown frequently in the show, though he doesn't actually get much attention within the show, though some episodes are primarily aimed at him, such as the episode where he had puppies with a female dog. Though Santa's Little Helper usaully likes the Simpsons family, he rarely will get angry at them, and even in one peisode he abondend the family for Mr. Buns (though he did later on return back to the Simpsons). Even at one point, the Simpson family got another dog, which made them almost completly forget about Santa's Little Helper, which resulted in him leaving the family.